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Petersfield Town Council signs MND Charter


Petersfield Town Council
Steve Isaac has MND, Petersfield Town Mayor, Cllr James Deane. council members, Elizabeth Moss with the Charter and other members of the MND Association, Lorraine, Claire and Louise plus Steve’s wife Debbie Isaac.

Following in the footsteps of Portsmouth and Southampton councils, Petersfield Town Council has agreed to adopt the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Charter, in support of people living with this terminal disease and their carers.


A spokesperson for the MND Association said that they were very grateful to the council for their support and welcomed them to a growing number of organisations and councils who have signed the Charter.


The Town Council has given their support to the five points of the Charter. The right to:

Chris James, Director of External Affairs for the MND Association said:


“The importance of the MND Charter is undeniable. We want everyone to be clear that access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time. As set out in our Charter, can transform lives.”


The local support group of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire, some of whom were represented at the presentation, offer advice and access to help and equipment to people living with MND.