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Meet our Volunteer Team


In alphabetical order:


Judi Ammari, Publicity Specialist

Judi also owns SprintPR, a local public relations consultancy. She populates our Facebook page, liaises with the media on fundraising and awareness stories and actively promotes the work of our Group and other community fundraisers. Judi says:


“My sister was diagnosed with MND in 2013 and sadly died in 2015. Originally, I wanted to become an AV but was advised that this may be too distressing as I was just beginning to understand the effects of the disease. I joined our Group in January 2014, establishing their Facebook page, writing media releases and supporting local events. I also helped expand and publicise our Quality of Life Grants for supporting people in our area. Our volunteers are amazing and the Group is very supportive.”





Sammy Clark, Fundraising & Events Coordinator

Sammy joined our Group in 2015. Her dad was diagnosed with MND in 2011. Sammy says:


“I wanted to help support local people living with MND and since joining the Group, I have enjoyed organising several of my own events, as well as supporting people hosting events in the area. I love being a part of the Group; everyone is so supportive and friendly.”



Claire Cox
Claire Cox, Association Visitor


Claire explains:


"When I retired, I realised how much I missed working within a team, and I also missed the feeling of doing something that was helpful to others. I looked at lots of possible voluntary roles in the charity sector and chose the MND Association as the best fit for me. MND is one of the most challenging conditions for patients and their families to cope with, and it is vital to grasp any opportunity to ease their journey. I also discovered that the MND Association offers extensive training and peer support for its volunteers. I have been an MND Association Visitor for 18 months and it has been a privilege to have the opportunity to offer support and guidance to people living with MND and their carers”


Peter and Gill
Peter Crosse, Group Treasurer and Gill Crosse, Coffee Morning Volunteer

Peter and Gill are a dynamic husband and wife team and have been involved in the Group for many years. Together, they have helped organise our monthly coffee mornings at the Rowans Hospice since 2001. At these mornings, they hope that they are able to make life as normal as possible for both people with MND and their carers with their friendly chats, tips and information.


As Peter is a retired Financial Chartered Accountant, we are grateful that he is also our Group Treasurer. He keeps us up to date with local funds letting us know monthly how much we have to spend in helping local people and contributing to the national charity appeals. Peter says:


“Our Vicar introduced us to a gentleman and his wife who had MND in 1997 because he thought we might be able to help. We followed Anne through her difficult journey for four years up until the end. Many intimate and difficult times with surprisingly lots of humorous moments. We became very involved in her care and firm friends. We witnessed first hand the effect of this very cruel disease and on the family as a whole.”

Lorraine Jarvis, Association Visitor

Lorraine is a retired Dental Hygienist and she joined our Group in 2015 as one of our Association Visitors. This involves her directly helping people living with MND and their families in the local area. The support can be in their own home, at our monthly Group coffee mornings or via email or telephone. Lorraine says:


“My husband was diagnosed in June 2011 and passed away in November 2013. I felt that the knowledge I gained, whilst supporting my husband through this horrendous disease, could be used to help others.


“I had to wait two years before I could apply for training as an AV. I am glad I did as I believe this to be an invaluable role.”





Andrew Lane, Group Leader

Andrew is also our Group Contact and Public Speaker.

Andrew has recently retired after a career in broadcasting, publishing and fundraising for a children’s charity. He responded to an advert for a Public Speaker and joined the Group in 2011. As Group Leader Andrew tries to build stronger links with other Groups in the area to share best practice ideas. He also keeps us up to date with communications from David Niven House. Andrew says:


“I like being able to give something back and using whatever skills and experience I have to help others. I also enjoy meeting and getting to know everyone whose lives are touched by MND in our area. I use humour a good deal, but am full of respect for people coming to terms with the disease.”

Gill Lane
Gill Lane, Group Correspondent

Gill is Andrew’s wife and recently retired from working as an Office Manager in the aviation industry. Gill explains:


“Andrew joined the Group a few years ago and I became more and more interested as I learned about this horrible disease. Now I have more time, I am able to get more involved.”







Melanie Nicholls, Newsletter Editor

Melanie lives in Aldershot and is also a full-time mum. As she is very busy she does most of her volunteering from her laptop at home. Melanie explains:


“I enjoy pulling together our quarterly newsletter, which involves badgering everyone for contributions, making it look nice and getting it to print. It adds variety in my life and I have met some lovely people through the MNDA. I also feel that I am contributing to a worthwhile cause and hope that I am making a difference, in my own small way.”

Penny Sheppard, Fundraiser and BakeIt Specialist

Penny is a retired Director of Nursing. She has been involved in youth work for many years. Together with her husband Tony, she used to run a puppet ministry among other things. Recently she has restarted the group with a new helper. As Penny says:


“I became involved with our local MND Group when my husband Tony was diagnosed with MND in 2012. We did many fundraising events together. After Tony lost his battle to MND in 2015, I have continued to be involved with the Group, helping at the monthly coffee mornings and fundraising.”








Sue Tate
Sue Tate, Association Visitor

Sue is a retired primary school teacher. She also has extensive volunteering work experience. Sue volunteers at Havant Spring Arts Centre and was the president of Bidbury Mead Women’s Institute. Together, with her husband Ron, she is involved with church and local community events. Sue explains:


“My best friend Barbara had MND and after her death I wanted to help the Association in some way, so I offered to shake a tin at collections. I wasn't prepared for the persuasive talents of Betty Gaskin, a former AV, who, at our first meeting, assured me I would enjoy being an Association Visitor and 'why don't you take this leaflet away and think about it?' Eight years later - I'm still here! I also like being invited to share good and difficult times with some of the nicest, bravest, remarkable people that I have met.”


Helen Warren, Campaigns Coordinator

Helen also teaches Pilates and runs classes locally in Fareham where she raises money for MND. Helen says:


“I came to my first meeting in July 2013 and found everyone so welcoming, I was quite nervous but now I look forward to the meetings. I became involved because my dad had MND from around January to September 2011. I enjoy meeting new people who are caring and understand how devastating the disease is. I am learning new skills and hopefully making a difference by raising awareness and funds. In my campaigning role, getting a reply from a councillor or MP is very rewarding.”

Isobelle Webster-Kell

Izzy joined us in November 2016 and she is currently a Psychology undergraduate at the University of Portsmouth. She is our Events Coordinator and wants to help raise awareness of MND and funds to improve the lives of people with MND in our area. Izzy says:


“As an aspiring Consumer Psychologist, I’m interested in the way that people view and respond to various campaigns and marketing strategies. From my studies, I hope to make informed decisions about how to market our events, which concepts and ideas will suit best and how we can use promotional strategies to gain a large footfall at our events.”